Raven To The Water Cries.

To all those perished at wars.....

Raven to the water cries,
Bringing out the dead.
Sun upon the water shines.
Begging for the bread.

This peisage affected slowly,
Appraisal - happy.
World is lonely.

Rock under the water lies.
Raven to the water cries.

Lily sheds her gentle sorrow.
Appeasement - stupid.
Head is hollow.

Boy is munching piece of bread.
Leaving nothing, but regret.
Get another piece he tries.
Raven to the water cries.

A dime

To Distrust.....

A dime was sold to me by crippled elder dying man.
And I exepted it for granted.
My heart flew bluntly up my neck;
Afraid to lend my hand I grunted.
He smiled, and heavily instead he said: "I am sorry."
And tears just seemed to be there-oblitiration of my folly.
And since that knew and I and you,
The outer side was of my skin
Cleaned up from drugs and foolish smoke:
And sky was blue again,
And birds began to sing into my ear,
Uncovering - the truth was sewed -
The rusty dime was really GOLD.

Just Breath

To my love for you

Just Breathe for me, just breathe - just breathe.
Just smile for me just one more time..
Just cry with me those sixteen tears,
Just be with me forever mine.
Just live for me, just live - just live.
Just breathe for me, just one last gasp..
Just try for me those sixteen lives.
Just beat with me, just hear my beat.
At last! Just run for me, just run - just run.
Just glance at me, just glance - one glance.
Just one more breath, just one more beat.
And just one more will you repeat.
To go and slowly in repentance.
Though rarer is the horrid sound.
NO! Shout just shout just shout with me.
Just try- just try- just try- just try.
Just Be, just live
And please JUST BREATHE!!!

I Believe . . .

To my soul . . .

I believe in God,
Who makes me believe in myself.
But I don't!
I don't know my future,
But I want to know--
Oh, the great sin of all.
Prompt me, say it again,
To make me believe in me.
Don't forget about rain
That sometimes without any words comes to me.
It turns all my dreams into snow.
God, I love you so!
Be my love, be my life,
Be my soul and my sin--
Help me, together we'll win!